Colour tints in Photoshop

Photoshop Colour Tinting

Photoshop Colour Tinting Using The Colour and Hue Blending Modes Using the Solid Colour Adjustment Layer to Produce Colour Tints This video looks at how the solid colour adjustment layer can be used to produce tints in photographs in Photoshop. The video looks at the use of several blending modes: colour, hue and soft light

Sexy Devil - final image

Selective Colour Adjustment in Photoshop CS5

Selective Colour Adjustment in Photoshop CS5 Targetting CMYK in RGB Mode The Selective Colour Adjustment Layer In Photoshop CS5 it’s possible to make adjustments to images using an adjustment layer called Selective Colour. This is a very powerful tool for making alterations ranging from the most subtle colour correction to major colour surgery. Selective Colour