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Stable Diffusion — Install Stable Diffusion Locally

How to Install Stable Diffusion Locally?

How to install Stable Diffusion using AUTOMATIC1111 and Xformers

Automatic1111 is one of a number of methods of installing Stable Diffusion on a local machine, but what are the benefits?  Stable Diffusion allows users to create images using word prompts and a bunch of other parameters.  The results can be amazing and Automatic1111 allows users to control the various parameters using a web browser.  This simplicity and ease of use of Automatic1111 complements the power of Stable Diffusion.  This video demonstrates the process of installing Automatic1111.

How does Xformers fit into this?

Xformers is an accelerator developed by Meta Research.  When it is installed with Stable Diffusion it can the performance a massive boost, probably benefitting lower end PC builds the most.  For a fuller beginner’s guide to Stable Diffusion, this course provides a good outline.



System Requirements

Its possible to install Automatic1111 now with both AMD and Nvidia hardware, but this guide uses an Nvidia graphics card, which is the recommended option.  Eight GBs VRAM are still the prerequisite for a standard build, but it may be possible to get a Stable Diffusion build running with less VRAM.



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Graphics card – Nvidia RTX 3070
CPU – AMD Ryzen mid range

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