Photoshop 2021 – CREATE Chromatic Aberration

Using Color Channels to Create Lens Distortion Chromatic Aberration Chromatic aberration is color distortion effect produced by imperfections in the way camera lenses focus light.  Whilst most of the time we want to remove or minimize this distortion, sometimes, when in a playful mood, it can be fun to create the effect. In this video,

Photoshop 2021 – Creating an Oil Painting Effect

Using the Style Transfer Neural Filter Neural Filters Neural filters were introduced in Photoshop 2021.  These AI enhanced filters will take your creative photo editing to the next level. In this video, the workflow for creating a modern style painting effect is described and demonstrated. Artificial Intelligence The new filters are another addition to the

Installing Plugins with Gimp – Python and Script Fu Layer Effects – Video Tutorial

Python and Script Fu Layer Effects Installing Python and Layer Effect Plugins in Gimp Install Python and Script-fu Layer Effects in Windows XP Summary Layer Effects are among the most popular Gimp plugins and they come in two varieties – python and script-fu. Installing the layer effects plugin is simple enough for the script-fu version,