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Photoshop Elements 2021

Crop Hair

Adobe Has Updated its Standalone Version of Photoshop


Sky Replacement

One of the coolest new features in Photoshop Elements 2021 is the ability to replace the sky in a photograph using AI enhancement.

In this video, the basic workflow is described and demonstrated.

Crop Hair
Remove background in Photoshop Elements


One Click Edits

There is a new feature that allows one click edits for what Adobe calls modern duotone.

This video explains the process, plus also some other impressive AI enhanced pattern brush edits.


Remove Background with Select Subject and Refine Edge

Removing the background from a subject with curly hair is a challenging edit, however Photoshop Elements has a few interesting tricks and techniques we can use.

There is nothing quite as amazing as the improved select subject which appeared in Photoshop 2020 earlier this year, but using a couple of established techniques we can achieve decent results. The following video looks at the use of select subject and refine edge to quickly achieve a complex selection and masking.


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