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UPDATED Editing and Exporting 360 Panoramas in Photoshop’s 3D Workspace | New Features in CC 2018

360 Panorama in Photoshop 2

UPDATE – 360 3D Spherical Panoramas in Photoshop CC 2018

Using Photoshop CC 2018’s New Features to Edit 360° Panoramas

These videos offer more on how to best finesse your 360 panoramas using Photoshop’s 3D and 2D editing spaces.

This update provides more detailed information on how get the best results each time.

Exporting to JPEG and Video

Exporting these panoramas for use on the web can be done in GIF or JPEG format for use with online software or as animated gifs.

The procedures for this are covered here.

For more on creating videos see this previous piece on 360 panoramas.

360 Panorama in Photoshop 2

360 Panorama in Photoshop 1

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