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Create A Print Quality Christmas Card in Gimp

Gimp Christmas Card

Create A Christmas Card in Gimp

300 Pixels Per Inch Print Quality

Designing A Simple Gimp Christmas Card – 300 DPI

With 72 DPI Image Resampled to 300 DPI

In this very straightforward video a christmas card design is created using some basic Gimp tools and a resampled image.

This tutorial actually creates a very small image – 10cm by 5cm but the principle explored is that of setting up the image to print well at 300 DPI and it should be quite easy to scale up the design as long as this requirement is borne in mind.

The video makes use of an image from the very good website – details and links can be found further down.

Gimp Designed Christmas Card

Gimp Christmas Card

This is actually a scaled down version of the final design and displayed in web standard 72 DPI.

And if you want a copy of the 300 DPI image right-click and save it from it here.

The baubles image is hosted on which has a pretty good selection of free images.

More Printing Tricks

To adjust page size and to choose between landscape and portrait choose FILE MENU→PAGE SETUP.

Hit CTRL+P to print or alternatively,go to FILE MENU→PRINT and then hit the Image Settings tab. Goggle your eyes at the amazing range of options to position your image and to alter its size and resolution.

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