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The 3 Essential TIPS ALL Gimp Beginners Should Know!

Some Handy Suggestions


Tips to Improve Productivity and Reduce Frustration

Gimp 2.10 can be a little bit of a struggle for inexperienced users to master, but there are a few simple things that can make using the software a lot more satisying.

In this video three tips are presented on how to increase the undo levels, use auto edit presets and what to do if the software suddenly stops behaving as expected.



Increasing Undo Levels

Gimp defaults to a minimum of just 5 undos after installation.

We need more than that!

This minimum can be lifted in a couple of ways: first by increasing the minimum undo levels and next by increasing the amount of RAM available for Undos.

Reporting Bugs in Gimp

Bug fixes are the lifeblood of a well maintained software app. The video explores when and how to file bug reports.

Using Color Menu and Filters Presets in Gimp

Gimp automatically creates temporary presets from any edits you make when using the Color and Filters menu items. In this video you will learn how to create and store your own presets.

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