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Gimp Color Profiles – Keep or Convert to Gimp sRGB

Gimp Keep or Convert

Color Management in Gimp

Should You Keep or Convert an Embedded Color Profile

Gimp 2.10 comes with useful color management features that can be a little daunting for an inexperienced user. One of the most common issues is the Keep or Convert profile dialogue which appears everytime Gimp opens a document with an embedded color profile.

Gimp 2.10 has its own version of sRGB – Gimp’s built in sRGB – which is offered as the default working color space. Gimp’s built in sRGB may offer some performance improvements, however you can convert between color profiles quite easily inside Gimp 2.10 and this video shows you how.

Gimp Keep or Convert

Managing Color Profiles in Gimp 2.10

Gimp comes with a menu for color management, and this allows users to extract and save color profiles and to convert to Gimp’s built in sRGB profile at any time.

If, for instance, you have a document that comes with an sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile and you want to edit that and to export it to the same profile, you can nonetheless initially convert to Gimp’s built in sRGB, do your edits and then convert back to the sRGB IEC profile before exporting your document. You can therefore get the benefits of working in Gimp’s own preferred color space (including faster performance) and export using a profile more suited to your end needs.

There are other times when you would want to convert color profiles and this video shows the basics on how to do this.

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