Mixing 3D Shapes and Letters in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Mixing 3D Shapes and Letters in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Position the Camera and Elements in Photoshop CS6 3D

A Valentines Design in Photoshop 3D?

Is it even possible? To pull off a romantic design using Photoshop’s 3D workspace?

Surely the rigid world of extrusions and meshes is no place to dabble in romance?

Turn’s out it’s possible to pull it off. Were using nothing more than some letters and a vector shape, but the result is pretty neat isn’t it?

The trick is in choosing the right ingredients – in this case, the font – Nueva Standard, and a very cuddly, cute looking heart shape.

And adding a little organic detail using a picture of a sunset.

The video provides detailed instructions for pulling off the design. When attempting this, I would recommend spending some time on getting the camera position just right and also on getting the lighting just right.

Working with lighting is somewhat complicated. Lighting in the design view is not faithful to the ray traced final output. So test ray traced renders are needed to get some insight into the actual impact that changes in the lighting set up will bring. Even a short ray tracing, lasting a couple of minutes, will, with experience, provide adequate clues as to whether the final ray trace is going to looking awesome, or whether some further tweaking is needed.

Valentines Love Heart Text in Photoshop CS6 3D

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