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Remove Background from Photograph – Photo manipulation in Gimp – Million Dollar Smile

Earth Globe Tutorial

Photo Manipulation in Gimp

Remove Background From Photograph

Create the Million Dollar Smile


Replacing the background in a studio picture can be done with ridiculous ease using levels – just as long as the background is a solid white.

In this video we replace a white background with a brilliant starburst effect and create a million dollar smile.

You can see the finished images below.

Layer Masks and Line Nova in Gimp

Earth Globe Tutorial

The final image shows a brilliant blue background with happy rays radiating in all directions. I’ve kept some of the original image colour and applied a gradient to the line nova.

Earth Globe Tutorial

The original. It helped that this was originally a noise-free high-res image.

The original image is hosted on Free Images (registration required).

The final image above was created using an Alpha to Selection of the Line Nova layer which was then used to cut a Value Inverted version of the blue to dark blue gradient. The layer created was then given a bit of contrast using Curves. I also decided that the original colours weren’t so bad as to required complete desaturation.

Youtube-hosted video above, please remember to rate and comment the video at the Youtube page.

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