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Road Testing Gimp's Resynthesizer Plugin

Comparison of Peformance in Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux

A Brilliant Plugin - When it Works


UPDATE: You may find the installation instructions in this new article helpful for Windows installation.

The resynthesizer plugin provides similar tools to Adobe Photoshop's content aware fill as seen in Adobe's demo.

The resynthesizer plugin is no longer maintained by it's author, Dr Paul Harrison, but is freely available under a GNU GPL open source licence.

The plugin allows you to fill a selection with the surrounding texture - removing imperfections or any unwanted object.

When tested under Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP, the plugin was unreliable, but when it did work it worked very well - you can see the kind of results that you can get in Ubuntu in the video below. The Windows XP implementation had a bug that made the plugin essentially unusuable.

A search at the gimp plugin repository uncovered a fix, that provided an alternative implementation of the plugin, called "Heal Selection" which worked amazing well.

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