Commences 04 January 2011

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Textintro adverts

The Item LR and Item MR adverts do not centre in the vertical. I have firebugged the DIVS and cannot figure out why this problem is occuring but suspect strongly an issue to to do with Bannergroups. May need a workaround fix if we do decide to keep the Item Lr and Item MR adverts.


The Contentadblock code needs to be updated both for the ID and the class modes. The class modes should be used in future where ever possible, it may be an idea to scour the current articles and remove any unnecessary ID DIVS and replace them with class modes, then to do a worthwhile trimming of CSS to remove the IDs.

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Analytics and admin tempplate

New template needed for admin section and category

January 4 2011

The inclusion of Google Analytics in the Devchriso template means that the Google Analytics code appears on articles that are soley for admin purposes. The module should either be switched off or a new template designed. Seconldy the Google Analytics code is not being detected by Ghostery in the front end - why is this?

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Related articles

January 4 2011

Poor positioning and chrome for related articles module

The related articles module has been included in the user1 position at the top. It would be better to have it running along the right hand side and acting as an eye drawer to the lower parts of the article also it currently does not display title - this may be a good thing as it may lead to the user trying to figure out the layout and thereby exploring more of the page.

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Contact Us

April 26 2011

I came across several broken articles today

There was no way for users to report these broken articles and I think it is essential that these broken articles and other site issues and other management issues can be tackled in a prompt manner if there is a patent way for readers to report these issues. Something basic like a contact us pages is required. There may be other useful indicators that people can contact you - for instance - do you want to be included in our hall of fame gallery? Do you have a website that you would like to promote on Pixovert? If so provide your details a short description and if successful a small logo might be useful etc. Show that you are engaging with the outside world and not a dead project. Also I think this sort of thing will make it easier for people who want to contact you on serious business to get in touch.

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