Article Ideas and Video Ideas

Commences 21 December 2010

Ideas from Subscribers

Youtube Background


Development Edition 2.7x of Gimp

More Photoshop and Gimp comparisons.

Hot Ideas

Digital Bokeh - try to add some images to the Pixovert article - both bokeh and bubbles

More Photoshop and Gimp comparisons.

General Discussion

The Gimp Interface article

has attracted respectful disapproval. It's nice to have an active comments section but its clear on watching the video that its opinionated and somewhat anti-Gimp.

Perhaps I have based my comments too much on my own experience and not enough on a cool-headed assessment.

At the end of the day though the comments made are valid for the intended user group: beginners. I need to balance the comments with some practical suggestions as to how to use the shortcut keys. The view expresssed by one user: that the shortcut keys are more easily usable in Gimp is valid and I should not waste time in agreeing with this.

Article Layout

People tend to read websites by first scanning and then perhaps moving on to more involved reading. I should try to anticipate this scanning behaviour and to ensure that a short and meaningful summary is included at the head of every article so that browsers do not have to feel that they must wade through a video before getting the gist of what the article is about

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