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Resynthesizer Installation - How to Install Gimp Plugin Resynthesizer and Heal Selection

Installing and Getting Started with Resynthesizer and Heal Selection

Updated Installation Instructions

The Gimp plugin Resynthesizer article has proved very popular and it is now several months since it was published. Lets now take a look at updated installation instructions.

In this video we install Resynthesizer and the updated Heal Selection file. Please remember that the Resynthesizer files mentioned here are the ones you should have installed and they need to be installed in the correct location. Having other versions of Resynthesizer on your PC (eg in the Program Files area) can cause the plugin to break.

I've kept it short and simple and just for Windows - see the previously mentioned article for extra installation instructions as well as a more comprehensive how-to guide.

Get the Resynthesizer plugin and script files here:


Use this file to replace the smart-remove.scm file that comes with the above


Once you've made the replacement you'll find you've got Heal Selection under the enhancement menu.


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