New Youtube 4.0 Background Template

Template for Creating a Youtube Background in Gimp

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Resources for Youtube 4.0 "One Channel" Background Design


This is a template that can be used to create a Youtube background for the new channel design. The templates here take into account the last minute changes to spec that Youtube made upsizing the template.

Gimp Template

You can download a Gimp 2.8 version of the Youtube background template.

For Gimp 2.6 and previous versions of Gimp, you should use the template below, at the foot of this page.

Escape to Previous Channel Design

It is, for the time being, still possible to return to the previous channel design.

Whilst this option lasts you should be able to do this by following the link at the very bottom of the "One Channel" guide. But note well, this link will probably stop working during the coming weeks.

Youtube One Channel Gimp Background Template
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