Awesome Etch Effect in Photoshop

Emulate Print Techniques in Photoshop - Part 2

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Recreate The Traditional Etch Print Effect in Photoshop

This is the second in a series of videos about how to emulate traditional print styles using ordinary photographs in Photoshop.

Everyone knows what etching is so I won't spend time describing the effect.

To get this effect is easy. To get the right result, you may need to try out a few photos.

For the result to to really live, you'll want to use a picture with areas of strong texture. By texture I mean detail. Areas of rapid change between dark and light. If the texture is something easy to recognise, like hair the result is likely to be decent.

The colours that you get with the filter used in this video are determined by your foreground and background colours. Hit "D" on the keyboard to reset your colours to the default black foreground and white background.

Awesome Etch Effect in Photoshop

Awesome Etch Effect in Photoshop
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