Create a UFO Flying Saucer Hoax in Photoshop CS6 3D

Photoshop, Camera, Hoax!

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Creating Circular Objects in Photoshop 3D?

Working in 3D in Photoshop can sometimes be a cumbersome exercise, in spite of the attempts to make Photoshop CS6 more user friendly. This project however is fun and easy.

This video looks at a couple of features in Photoshop that allow the easy creation of a chrome coloured UFO.

You will need a couple of photos to pull it off. This is the challenging part. One picture needs to be used for environment mapping and the second might be a picture of a few mates pointing up in the sky at where the UFO is going to be placed in the final design.

I've not attempted any finishinh touches with this design. Instead, the image created here will be used as the basis for an effect in the series on traditional print techniques in Photoshop.


Flying Saucer Hoax in Photoshop CS6 3D
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