Making Difficult Selections in Photoshop

Remove Background From Difficult Hair Selections in Photoshop

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Using the Calculations Command to Extract Hair From a Complex Background in Photoshop

The calculations command in Photoshop is one of the most useful tools when faced with impossible hair selections.

In this video we look at the basics of using calculations to prepare a useful mask as a starting point for selecting hair from a complex background.

Like most selection methods in Photoshop, the trick is in knowing when to use the technique.

In this case the most useful clue comes from the channels panel. If you haven't go the channels panel open, then you can turn it on under the Window menu.

Its essential, when you use this technique, to have a few other tricks up your sleeve like the magic wand, quick selection tool, color range and refine edge as one or more of these will almost certain be necessary in assisting you complete your selection.

Hmmm, I reckon I might need to add a video on using the pen tool to that list...


Making Complex Hair Selections in Photoshop
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