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Applying Smart Filters to Videos

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Create Glowing Liquid Video FX in Photoshop CS6

Since Photoshop CS6, video editing has been possible for all Photoshop users.

Previous Extended editions of Photoshop also allow video editing.

In this tutorial we take a slow motion video and apply some adjustment layers and a few filters to create a radioactive glow.

You can get 7 days of free downloads choosing from 50,000 video and audio clips at Videoblocks. Search for slow motion water and slow motion paint and you should get both the video used in this tutorial and in the preview.

You should be able to find a music track to go along with whichever video you use and import that into Photoshop to combine with the video. Pretty cool. And if you are a serious video pro, the site also has some After Effects templates.

The key to working with video in Photoshop is to remember to use smart objects whenever you need to apply filters.

Note the edit where we use the hard mix adjustment layer requires a reduction in the FILL opacity in order to achieve the desired effect.

Glowing Liquid Video FX in Photoshop CS6
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