Photoshop CC Sneak Peek

New Features in Photoshop for Creative Cloud

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An Update to Photoshop Creative Cloud for June 2013

Adobe have provided a sneak peek of the newest update to Photoshop for Creative Cloud subscribers.

In this video Adobe's Russell Brown discusses some of his favourite features in Photoshop CC.

Improved Camera Raw Integration

Along with a cute sharpening feature to deal with blur caused by camera shake, there is a range of new functionality related to Camera Raw.

In fact Camera Raw now has a listing in Photoshop's filters menu.

New Camera Raw 8 Features

Photoshop CC comes with a complete update to Camera Raw.

In the following video Adobe's Julieanne Kost describes some of these features.

End of the Line for CS

As for the meaning of CC, it seems that it is the official replacement for CS. The Creative Suite line comes to an end with CS6.

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Photoshop CC

Photoshop 13.1 Released

New Features in Photoshop 13.1

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An Update to Photoshop CS6 on the Creative Cloud

Adobe have dropped their first update to Photoshop CS6 for Creative Cloud subscribers.

The update is currently limited to Creative Cloud subscribers only.

This shouldn't come as a surprise - Adobe promised they would be doing this when the Cloud was launched.

The new features provide for a more flexible way of working with a range of tools.

Improved Smart Object Support

Among the key announcements is the extension of smart objects to the new blur gallery and also to the liquify tool. Smart objects make life easier in Photoshop, by enabling greater ease of non-destructive editing, but also by making things that would otherwise not be possible, possible. The ability to apply smart objects to the tilt shift blur effect, for instance, will make it possible now to create the 'miniature world' illusion using videos.

Another key area of improvement is the use of Photoshop in hard core web design. Here, designers will be able to create CSS from Photoshop documents and also to collect colour schemes from HTML and CSS and SVG files.

There are several other new features in this release. A pretty cool array just eight months after the launch of CS6.

Conclusion: Adobe seem to be taking this Creative Cloud thing seriously.


Improvements to 3D in Photoshop 13.1

Adobe have also introduced a few improvements to 3D workspace to keep the users of the extended version of Photoshop happy.

Photoshop 13.1


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