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RTX 4090 Brands: Which to Buy? Beginners Guide to RTX

 MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac, Nvidia FE & Asus Ranked –

Choosing Graphics Cards

Benchmarks are one thing, but this video is unique: ranking each RTX 40 series for Warranty, RMAs and Selection.

This is something else: how durable are MSI RTXs? How reliably is Gigabyte’s warranty service? Does the usual huge selection of MSIs graphics cards covering Ventus and Suprim and Gaming Trio carry on to the 40 series? What about Asus’s Tuf and Strix?

Recommended Rank – US and EU
1 – MSI
2 – Zotac
3 – Gigabyte
4 – Asus

UK seller –

Founders Edition can be found on Nvidia’s website


Other Brands

Other cards you may wish to consider:

EVGA (30 series only) –

Other RTX – Cards:

PNY (largely Quadro, but also XLR8) Palit KFA2 / Galax Gainward Inno3D


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Graphics card – Nvidia RTX 3070
CPU – AMD Ryzen mid range

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  1. Sebastian Antony

    Can you recommend any ready built computer on Amazon to buy for Stable Diffusion. I’m prepared to blow my budget and splurge on an RTX4090 one, which seems to retail around $3,700 in US as of Oct 2023

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