3D Glass Text in Photoshop CS5 Repoussé

Reflection and Refraction in 3D

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Create Realistic Glass Textures in CS5 Repousse

With the one provision that you may need to allow Photoshop plenty of time to finish ray tracing, the 3D features in Adobe Photoshop's CS5 Extended are thoroughly useful and usable tools.

The image in this video took some 2 hours to complete and still it was not finished. The effect produced however is impressive and if I had more time to finish ray-tracing it could be better.

The overall impression is that of a good and improving set of features from Adobe: very high quality images can be produced with the minimum of hand-effort. The one trick is to get used to the idea that the ray traced image is sometimes going to look quite different from the preview... and this is a trick that can take some mighty amount of getting used to.

3D Glass Repoussee Text in Photoshop